The real Neil

On Friday SuperDiamond (Neil Diamond tribute band) played at the Del Mar Racetrack. I just can't imagine a tribute band would be anywhere close to the real deal. I had the pleasure of seeing Neil a few years back in '02.  A bunch of my classmates, led by my bud Cyrus who has a sick fascination with Neil, ventured to the Houston Rodeo (my first rodeo experience) with the aim of wearing outlandish cowboy fashions, drinking beer, eating churros and anything-on-a-stick AND seeing Neil. A few minutes before the concert began, someone from Neil's camp identified our group (what? we didn't look like bonafide rodeo-goers?) and gave us the opportunity to get down & dirty on the rodeo floor of the Astrodome for some up close & personal time with the Legend. Our boy Cyrus had tears in his eyes upon hearing his hero.
Such a memorable time… such great friends from Rice…!!!



Good advice from Jeremiah Owyang

“I budget time every morning to read and blog. I do that before I check my personal email or work email. I believe you have to pay yourself first. When you open your email you pay someone else, because it’s usually people reaching out to ask you for something. Taking the time to read blogs, synthesize and add value, that builds your community. That’s paying yourself first."

– Jeremiah Owyang

From “Why Jeremiah Owyang Is Leaving Forrester Research” by Marshall Kirkpatrick

Untwerp-up at Stone Brew

The idea of a San Diego “twerpup-up” – a tweet-up where you could bring your kidlets (i.e. the little twerps) was realized last month when a bunch of San Diego moms met at Poway Kidsville for a fun event… the moms got to chat while the kids buzzed around in the various Kidsville playhouses. Thanks to @sdbargainmama for getting us the free passes!

Last night was a bit of a different event – the kids stayed home while we enjoyed a Ladies’ Night Out at the beautiful Stone Brew Gardens. It was an AWESOME time to connect. Topics of conversation included everything from typical “mom” stuff (starting kindergarten, travelling with kids, etc) to upcoming tech events (BlogWorld Expo, BlogHer ’10), to SEO and WordPress help (need help!), to FTC guidelines of disclosure and PR issues, to fun girly stuff (won’t disclose here publicly J ). The great convo, paired with yummy appetizers (jalapeno mushroom pillows, anyone?) and cold Stone ale, made for a great and relaxing evening.

Hope to make this a regular thing! Thanks again, ladies…


Chic-Geek Baby Room

Can’t resist posting some photos of the room. True awesomeness:




Today’s post from ( illustrates how much cooler/tolerant other wives can be with regard to their husband’s obsessions. Not only does this wife let her hubby dress their newborn baby girl in a batman suit for the official “going-home” outfit from the hospital (!), she indulges in his interest in old-school 8-bit Nintendo games (Mario Bros, DigDug, etc) by decorating the baby’s room in hand-painted illustrations of the characters. I’d say that is def “above-and-beyond” what any wife should do 😉 (if my husband had his way, our kids’ rooms would be ‘Steelers Nation’ every day, all the time.

Use your Imagination

Yeah, I know you can just have your kids play with a plain ole box but this cardboard playhouse from Costco was only $20 and totally fun. Grama Gigi oversaw my almost-4-yr old create this masterpiece — and it provided HOURS of entertainment!! (I think I need to buy a few more & build an entire city).
The company is — it appears they offer a rocket ship and castle, too. But when I emailed San Diego retailer I found they could get me the rocket but it would be $60 – ouch. Think I’ll go the refrigerator box route for that one!


AFC half marathon wrap-up

A day after my post-baby inaugural run… and the body is feeling it. However, yesterday was a different story. I had a GREAT time running the 32nd America's Finest City 1/2 Marathon!
Uncle Chuck (all the way from TX) and I gamely rose at 4 a.m. to make the 4:45 bus call to Cabrillo National Monument. We had no problems whatsoever parking at the zoo and catching a ride — this speaks VOLUMES about the organizers of AFC — they had over 100 buses lining Balboa Park in the wee hours of the morning ready to take transports the 8400+ runners to the top of Pt. Loma.
Sitting around in the dark up until the 7 a.m. start was a bit of a drag & a little chilly; we took that time to figure out how to affix our race chip on our shoes and share things like sunscreen and advice with the other runners. I was hoping to meet up with Jennifer, my running buddy, but the hint of "I'll be wearing a white hat" didn't work — because of the 8400+ runners, 56% were women, and I'd guess 40% of those had white hats on – ha!
Notes to self for next year: (1) make a plan of meeting up with running buddies and (2) take a trash bag to wear to keep self warm. I only had a long-sleeve shirt which I jettisoned soon after I finished mile 2.
The run itself was great — I took it nice and easy (this being my very first run after having 2 kids), spending time to say hello to the fabulous spectators lining the route. I even did some live tweeting along the way… why? Yes, I am a geek (that is a given) but I also figured anyone who was cheering on their friends from home might be interested in a street-level perspective of how the run was going.
Highlights for me:
  • Adorable "Go Mommy!"or "My mom rocks" signs from kids and dads along the way — though those signs were not specifically for me, I felt a common bond with other running moms who had to do who-knows-what to carve out time for themselves to train. (for me, I could only manage 1 running day a week, before the family woke up on Saturdays). Those signs warmed my heart and made me think of my own sons and husband who have been so supportive.
  • Kids offering high-fives to runners; dogs looking so cute and watching the runners go by
  • Awesome volunteers manning the water stations and SDPD lining the route
  • Water misters (even in light of the San Diego water shortage) and CHEEZEBURGERS on route (yes, I ate one around mile 10) provided by OMBAC
  • The best cheerleader (who also happened to be a homeless man) yelling encouragement to runners on A St)
  • Running into my hasher friend Innuendo on the 6th Ave hill who successfully tempted me with a beer – I drank a few sips without ever stopping
  • Running into a very crowded and loud Balboa Park on a street lined with flags — what an amazingly fun finish!
The end was the biggest treat — seeing my husband, aunt, and oldest son who'd braved the crowds to be with us at the finish. It was a bit of a mess (note: meeting up with anyone at the end of AFC requires a cell phone or a pre-designated meeting location!) but all in all it was a great run. I hope to be back next year, maybe a contender for the triple crown (Carlsbad Half, La Jolla Half, and AFC Half).