I always knew I was an Offbeat Mama…

I’m honored that BabyBlooze got its first media mention on Offbeatmama – the new sister site of the famed Offbeatbride web site and book. The site, aimed at supporting moms trying to integrate their “pre-kid identities and lifestyles into their post-kid realities” recently launched — take look if you want to check out this fun site for moms who like to live life off the beaten path.

Just click the photo above to read what they have to say about BabyBlooze.

[Note: the little baby pictured is the offspring of another offbeat mom I’m honored to know – Peeved Michelle of The Peevery.]


Intro to the great American pastime

I had the privilege of taking my preschooler to his very first MLB baseball game. A friend of mine that I’d not seen in more than 10 years called me out of the blue to tell me she’d gotten free tickets to the Padre game that very night. Although my husband couldn’t make it (and the idea of toting along our unruly toddler ranked very low in the “what-do-you-want-to-do-tonight?” category), I made the executive Mom decision that it would be ME to take our oldest son to his first game.

We picked up Janet en route to the stadium; once she got into the car, my son turned into a chatterbox; “Janet, what is your name again?” “Janet. I just want to practice your name.” “Janet, I like your hair.” When he started in on the knock-knock jokes, I am sure Janet began to rethink her decision to invite the both of us.

But when we got to the stadium, my son became quiet and his eyes became saucers – he was impressed with the sheer enormity of Petco Park and the exciting sounds from the crowds inside. While we waited for Janet’s friend Shay to meet us, he was crawling out of his skin with pent-up energy and anticipation of going into the stadium. He made friends with the nice stadium volunteers in the ticket area (asking “Who dat girl?” re: the giant cut-out of the team mascot – which is a man, by the way) and danced around practicing what looked like karate moves. Finally it was time to go in and take our seats.

The game itself was more than I could have imagined. Janet’s friend Bob hooked us up with amazing field level seats. I’d planned on at some point taking my son down to the children’s play field or into the souvenir store but there was no need – he was so riveted by the game, we made it through the bottom of the 9th AND through fireworks before heading home, 3 hours past bedtime.

MLB baseball through the eyes of a 4-year old was eye-opening to me, too. Here is what I learned:
  • It’s totally not about the players on the field. They are just the people to fill in the time between when “The Funny Guy” (aka the Swinging Friar mascot) makes his appearances
  • Milestones in the game revolve not around the innings or scoring; it’s about (1) snacks (2) the fun song where you get to stand up, and (3) the fireworks at the end
  • You don’t watch the batter when he’s up at bat; you watch the “grassy area” aka outfield. That way you know if a batter got a hit
  • A player gets three “tries” at the plate; after that, he has to “share” and give someone else a turn
  • The instant replay screen is very confusing to a 4-year old; sometimes they show videos of things that happened a long time ago (aka Blooper reel) and sometimes they show what just happened on the field. It’s impossible to explain so don’t even try
  • The idea of being shown in a crowd shot up on the Jumbotron is TERRIFYING for some strange reason (the kid is usually the biggest ham)

I couldn’t believe how nice everyone was to my son. From Janet and Shay being so patient to have a curious preschooler along on an adult-outing, to Bob who scored us the tickets as well as an awesome goody bag for my son’s “first visit ever” trip to Petco, to the nice guy sitting next to us who gave us a little Padres hat, to all the wonderful ushers that said hello. And even though the Pads lost in the end, the kindness of everyone made the evening magical. I’m sure this very early experience with the Padres and Petco Park has instilled a love of baseball in this very impressionable kid.


Next San Diego Girls’ Night Out: Sun, 9/27 6 pm

Tweet-up, Meet-up, Beer-Up, Ladies’ Night — whatever you call it, it’s just an excuse to get out for an evening of good conversation, networking, and fun with other businesswomen, moms, bloggers, local Twitter gals. I wouldn’t even call #sdGNO an official “group” – we’re just a bunch of ladies who like to gab about blogging, technology, and other geeky things our friends and significant others have no interest in (sound familiar?)

I feel fortunate to have connected with so many cool ladies via Twitter – those connections are even more powerful when strengthened in real life

SO, here are the deets of the next informal event:

  • When: Sunday, Sept 27, 6 p.m. – 8:30ish
  • WhereKarl Strauss Brewery La Jolla (1044 Wall St, La Jolla, CA 92037). We’re getting hooked up with special seating on the patio as well as Happy Hour pricing for drinks and apps (not usually available on a Sunday). Thanks to @sdbargainmama for organizing with Lance at the brewery on that.
  • Other cool stuff: Should I mention that @sdbargainmama is bringing some special giveaways, too? Stacey has 5 copies of this book to give away as well as a pair of Sea Life Aquarium passes!
  • RSVP: It’s not necessary but RSVPing will let us know who to look out for – we can always exchange phone numbers before the event, too. Simply RSVP here with a Yes/No/Maybe.

We’ve talked about making this a regular thing and rotating the venue… first we met in Poway, second we met at Stone Brew in Escondido, and this one is in La Jolla. Feel free to suggest the next venue – and timing-wise, maybe we can shoot for the last Sun of every month.

Come one, come all – this is not an exclusive gathering by any means… all ladies are invited!

Twitter Hashtag: #sdGNO

Reflections of a soccer mom

From Wikipedia:
The phrase soccer mom generally refers to a married middle-class woman who lives in the suburbs and has school age children.[2] She is sometimes portrayed in the media as busy or overburdened and driving a minivan.[2][3] She is also portrayed as putting the interests of her family, and most importantly her children, ahead of her own.[2] The phrase soccer mom derives from the literal, specific description of a mother who transports and watches her children play soccer.[3]

I dunno, this idea of soccer mom sounds boring to me.

Today kicked off winter soccer season of what I affectionately call the "old lady" soccer league. I'd taken a break over the summer and especially looked forward to today's game. We lost 2-1 but no matter… I'm still feeling the after-glow of a hard-fought game. I sit here now and watch new bruises darken and feel my muscles stiffen — the start of soccer season always heralds the necessity of wearing slacks in favor of leg-baring minis. But despite it all, I'm kinda pleased I'm not QUITE sitting on the sidelines as a traditional "soccer mom" watching the kids have all the fun – at least not yet. I look to my awesome teammates — most mothers and some even grandmothers — for inspiration that I'll continue to rock on as a soccer mom, in an unconventional sense of the word.
Photos: soccer then (me: the Hapa kid) and soccer now (me: the Hapa old lady)


A photo of a screaming kid is much better than the real thing…


Some of you know I have a fun little project on the side where I post pics of kids being sad/mad/bad on a site called BabyBlooze.com. I started this project as a way for me to get my feet wet with some social media technologies — my own personal sandbox, if you will. It’s been fun to experiment in a no-risk environment… and I’m sure my bosses would agree it’s better to do it here versus monkeying with the brand of the company I work for!

The photo blog is one element; Twitter, Facebook and more are some other tools I’m playing with. I’m truly having fun not only building my blog and readership but also actually making real-life connections with some pretty amazing parents and social media giants out there.

But that brings me to this… if you’ve been following BabyBlooze, you might be sick of this avatar photo. If you are, I have good news. I’m letting the readers and fans select a new official avatar for the following month by voting on one of the top three submissions from the previous month. Please feel free to cast your own ballot here before Sept 30. (Note: Clicking on the voting link above will take you to the Baby Blooze Facebook page – if you are logged into your Facebook account, you can vote and see results. If you do not have a Facebook account, you can only view results.)

I may continue to post more of the “backstory” of the blog (experiments I’ve tried, things that have worked, etc) if people are curious – let me know. Until then, come visit us at the blog, follow us on Twitter, or “Fan” us on Facebook.

Viva Las Vegas, Viva Mashable!

VERY excited to get a free pass to Blog World Expo thanks to Mashable. I was one of the lucky few who won a comment contest (see below — and @Northlight wanted to know what I said, so I put that in, too).

For those who want to attend BWE, Mashable has a 20% discount code – MASH20.

Interested in attending this year’s Blog World Expo in Las Vegas, NV from October 15-17? You’re in luck! As a media sponsor of the event, we’re giving away five “full access” 3-day tickets (an $895 value).

To enter, let us know “What is the future of blogging?”. Answers will be judged based on creativity and winners will be contacted via email.

[Hint: If you need help figuring out the future of blogging, check out Steve Rubel’s recent guest post “Mashable Mind Map: What is the Future of Blogging?” and corresponding mind map on MindMeister.]

Here’s my comment: 

The future of blogs?? A lifestream of social media activity aggregated into “channels” on a blogging platform – you can direct relevant activities into the channel (work, personal, kids, hobby) that makes most sense so people can tune into the stuff that’s relevant. Also these specific feeds can be syndicated to other networks and hubs where people congregate (think: a channel just for people who like to worm compost — all of my feeds about worm composting would go there). Mobile multimedia devices will enable live feeds of video/audio content to one’s blog. Very exciting possibilities ahead!!

— What do YOU think the future of blogging is?:

Surf Diva Weekend Clinics in La Jolla



When you live in San Diego, people just assume you know how to surf. Though I’m a born and bred native California, I never got around to it until I had the chance to take an all-girl weekend clinic at Surf Divas in La Jolla. A friend of mine (thanks Erika!) gave me the class a few months after I’d had Baby #2. I figured it would be a great way to do something fun that was JUST FOR ME, sans kiddos. The class was amazing and so were the other ladies who took it — most had travelled from around the country to take part in the class.

The hubs and kids came on my second day to watch me ride the waves… I love this pic – GIRL POWER!