Too violent for preschool?


I don’t condone violence but I did allow my now 4-year old to select his Halloween costume. Well, this turned out to be a MomFail. His teachers are asking kids to wear “non-violent” costumes and evidently Spidey doesn’t make the cut.

So we’re regrouping…. we have “sushi chef” and “soccer player” to choose from in our dress up collection. But, then again, a vegetarian might argue that sushi chefs the world over are threatening a dwindling fish population and anyone who knows soccer can tell you that sport can be pretty darn violent. So I’m not sure I can win.

Perhaps we go with the brilliant idea someone on Twitter suggested – Ghandi. Does anyone have a problem with Ghandi?? And secondly, does anyone know where I can buy a Ghandi costume before Friday?

UPDATE 10.30: So we regrouped with a new costume – Professional soccer player. Not domestic, mind you — from the UK. But I get the party report from my friend letting me know there were about 10 other Spidermen, not to mention Darth & company. My son is gonna kill me!


House Par-tay

Microsoft this week launched its highly anticipated Windows 7 product via a series of tens of thousands “House Parties” held across the globe. I’d never heard of a House Party (except for that horrible movie & sequel in the early 90s) and wondered why this big brand had decided to launch via these small, intimate (1-10 guests) parties.


House Parties are an attempt to sponsor word-of-mouth conversations (my assessment, not theirs). Basically you get a bunch of influencers who offer to host an event (usually at their house) with friends. The sponsor – typically a big brand like Microsoft – sends the party host a party pack of the product and/or offers and samples to share with the guests. House Party describes this concept as “Cool people sharing cool stuff.” Hardly eloquent, but you get the picture.

I wanted a chance to experience a House Party first-hand – mostly as a way to evaluate the concept for my own marketing learnings.

When I logged into the site, I was delighted to find an upcoming party for Martha Stewart Crafts. Those who know me know that my projects are more likely to end up on CraftFail than proudly displayed in my home. But Martha doesn’t know that! My application to be a hostess was accepted and my party will take place with hundreds of other parties on Saturday, Nov 7.

So far, details have been a little spotty (wondering if they think that builds excitement – for me it just builds stress since I don’t know what to expect) but supposedly I will be hosting 3 craft projects during the party, using the materials they send to me. I believe the projects will be a handmade card, a cupcake gift box, and a glitterlicious makeover of an old holiday ornament.

I’ll plan to report back with my impressions of the party experience but at this point, I want to share the COOL STUFF I just got shipped in my party pack.

Plug your ears… and ready yourself for a big huge SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Check it: 



Disclosure updated 12/6/09: As stated above, I received a party pack (photos included) to be a hostess of this party. Neither House Party of Martha Stewart asked me to blog/tweet about my experiences. The opinions expressed in this post and on this blog are my own and my disclosure policy is here

Twitter Users Most Followed by the Web 2.0 Summit Crowd – O’Reilly Radar

Via @courtenaybird

Twitter Users Most Followed by the Web 2.0 Summit Crowd

by Ben Lorica | @dlimancomments: 4

I took the set of users who posted tweets containing the hashtag #w2s and determined who those users followed. Unlike the list of the most followed users in all of Twitter, the list isn’t dominated by celebrities. (A few coders landed in the top 50.) Regular Radar readers will be familiar with many of the users listed below: over 20 of the top 50 are based in the SF Bay Area. Of the over 700 users I identified, a third follow Tim:

pathint UPDATE: Pete Warden has been doing similar analysis to help conference organizers and attendees. He goes a step further and monitors conversations (one twitter user mentioning another user, and vice-versa). Here is Pete’s network graph of the recent Web 2.0 Summit.

(†) Data for this post was pulled on 10/27/2009. Using the Twitter search API, I was able to identify 1,500 relevant tweets and over 700 unique users responsible for those tweets. Given that I likely omitted earlier tweets, the results are at best an approximation of the true top 50 list.

Great list

Rickroll Cake

Portal/Rickroll Cake

Every year I make a birthday cake for my wonderfully geeky boyfriend. The past two years I made him a Cthulhu themed cake, so this year it was time for something different. His birthday fell on D&D night, so the whole geek crew would be gathered together. The crew has been bitten by the Ric Astley bug, and so it seemed fitting that I should Rickroll them all. For this cake you will need…
(See the rest & photo here)

What a wonderfully geeky girlfriend!

Glamour Shot + Disco Ball = ??

From That’s Church blog by @janeppitt

Non-Pittsburgh-related new math.

If a Glamour Shot had sex with a disco ball, what would they create?

Adam Lambert’s album cover:



1.  Do they still say “album” these days?  Oh, get off my lawn.

2. Is one of his eyes purple and the other blue?

3. I know it doesn’t have anything to do with Pittsburgh, but I couldn’t resist.

(h/t Freak Show’s Mikey)

This blog is my hub’s fave – the writer normally talks about Stihlerz stuff (thus more HIS thing than mine) but today’s post had me snickering.

Lost dog in Suburbia

Tonight at almost 10 p.m., someone rang the doorbell wondering if we were the owners of this little lost dog. In my old ‘hood, you’d expect a lost dog to be a little mangy. Here in suburbia, our lost dogs come recently groomed sporting a rhinestone collar and studded dog shirt. That’s just how they roll.

I’m keeping fingers crossed there will be a happy ending. Within 20 minutes, I’d emailed this photo to 30 of my neighbors on the street… hope we can find the owner pronto.

UPDATE 10.28: Owner found & reunited with Gucci. End of story – yay!