November #sdGNO: An evening at Terra in Hillcrest

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Thanks to all who took part in this month’s San Diego Girls Night/Networking Out (#sdGNO). The event was one of the best yet and hosted by Chef Jeff from @TerraSD. We were treated to an AMAZING four-course meal and heard about Jeff’s work with the Childhood Obesity Initiative. Chef Jeff wrote a recap from the night — which includes some of the photos from the utterly delicious samplings.

Some hints:

  • If you are in SAN DIEGO – you need to follow @TerraSD on Twitter. Jeff posts special deals and announcements about the restaurant as well as answers any questions regarding cooking — many of the #sdGNO folks reported they’d gotten real-time help on their Thanksgiving meals thanks to Jeff.
  • Also, Jeff announced he is working up a SPECIAL super-secret menu (at discounted prices) only for Twitter folks… be sure to ask for it when you go in.

We also appreciated getting a complementary copy of the Parent’s Guide to San Diego booklet from Also, one of our friends @specialksd brought amazing gourmet popcorn samples for us; her new business recently popped up at the Little Italy Farmer’s Market. Personally, I went a little nutzo for the Mexican Chocolate flavored popcorn – yum.

A big thanks to Stacey Ross, our own San Diego Bargain Mama for working with Jeff to set this up. She’s in the midst of a site redesign – check out the progress and sign up for personalized deals here.

Our next #sdGNO will likely be in late Dec/early Jan (we usually shoot for the last weekend of the month – though with the holidayin December we may choose a different date or resume in January). Stay tuned!

If you’d like to be notified of the next #sdGNO, please feel free to leave a comment here OR let me or Stacey know. There is a list of #sdGNO folks here.



Indirect insults FTW

Foot in mouth: Mission Accomplished!

  docwho76 / Daniel Spisak

Imagine my surprise when I see a tweet from @docwho76 complimenting me out of the blue: @iizLiz You sure they werent refering to your physical attributes? You are a hell of a looker.

‘Course I had no idea what he was talking about so I went to his tweet stream and see he’s amended his declaration of my appearance saying: Ack the looker comment was meant for @natasha originally.

The three of us shared some laughs over this as Natasha (who actually really IS a smokin’ hot artist/web girl) pointed out that the revision of the comment kind of indirected insulted me. Of course he made everything better with a follow up tweet: Mongo only pawn in game of life. Thinks both @iizliz and @natasha are lookers! Must go kill my thumbs for crimes against pretty women now.

This whole incident actually made me recall the BEST indirect insult I’d ever gotten when I was pregnant with my first baby. I was about 20 weeks pregnant and about to find out if the baby I was carrying was a boy or a girl. My coworker Michael said he had a fool-proof “method” which he used to predict gender and had successfully used this method to correctly declare the gender of both of his kids and the children of all of his close relatives as well as some of our coworkers who’d recently had babies.

WOW – I was outta my mind excited to find out if I was going to have a boy or girl in advance of my ultrasound so I breathlessly asked Michael to share his method. He leaned forward, as if to let me in on a huge secret. He said, “If the mother is more beautiful when pregnant, the baby will be a GIRL.”

So I leaned forward, eager to hear his diagnosis…”So, Michael, oh please tell me what I’m having. I simply cannot wait another minute!”

Without hesitation, he uttered one word: “BOY”


Um, YEAH. Good thing I wasn’t in the throes of a pregnant woman hormonal mood swing or I MIGHT have punched him in the throat for basically saying I looked like cr@p.

But ya gotta give him credit — he was right. I had a boy and then 2 years later, another boy. (also predicted by Michael, the gem that he is!) That’s a year and a half of ugly days… but worth every minute!

10 Great Corporate Blogs – by Jason Keath


Jason says he likes to see these attributes in a corporate blog:
– self deprecation
– humor
– photos (please add some life to your posts)
– video
– interaction
– update often
– talk about me not you (AKA solve my problems)

He’s picked out some good examples in his post that meet his criteria.

My take: the key is making sure you know who your audience is, figuring out what it is YOU want to accomplish (from a corporate perspective) and then delivering the appropriate info to meet those objectives.

What do you think? And what do you look for in a corporate blog?

Today I’m grateful for… the battery-powered Snot Machine


Runny nose season is here and I’m getting my money’s worth of the battery-powered aspirator I got when my toddler was first born. I’d never got the hang of those bulb aspirators (they are gross anyway — how do you CLEAN those things?) This thing has music too so you can distract the kid for a sec while you suction out the nose — brilliant! And gross! All at the same time.

New Moon Midnight screening

Asked by @jbruin / her colleagues at @NBCSanDiego to take photos of the line and fans… (update 11.20 9:04 a.m.: too bad they never got them as the mail server rejected the attachments I sent at 3:30 a.m… ahhh. Sorry guys!)

Photos of the Twilight series fans outside Carmel Mountain Ranch theatres tonight… the line for the midnight show wrapped around the building but people were in good spirits throughout the evening. iPhones, laptops, cards, games and conversation kept people busy and blankets kept people warm. The theatre management had some surprises in store as well – they hosted Twilight trivia both in line and also inside each of the three theatres they opened for the showing.


Foodies Delight in Hillcrest for next San Diego GNO event 11/29


UPDATE 11/19 5 p.m.: This event is FULL but please leave a comment or DM @iizLiz if you would like to be on the waiting list.

Ladies – time to cleanse the palate after a long weekend of turkey and family… come enjoy the company of fellow bloggers, techies, Twitterholics, entrepreneurs, and social media friends at the San Diego GNO (Girls Night/Networking Out) November event.

Chef Jeff Rossman of Terra Restaurant in Hillcrest has arranged to serve up a special three-course meal (at an amazing price!) in the restaurant’s private party room… *did someone say private party? squeeee!!* He will also tell us about the progress he and the Childhood Obesity Initiative are making in sustainable food systems and achieving a distribution center for local schools — the idea is to make food served in local school cafeterias more healthful and tastier. Many thanks to San Diego Bargain Mama Stacey and Chef Jeff for setting up this most excellent event!

Post-Thanksgiving Weekend #sdGNO

  • Who: sdGNO is an informal gathering of ladies, open to all (read more about the group here). Newbies welcome!
  • What: 3-course DINNER with wine (any particular issues w/diet or allergies let us know by the Wednesday before)
  • Where: Terra Restaurant in Hillcrest, in Trader Joe’s/Vons shopping center, 3900 Vermont Street, San Diego 92103
  • When: Sunday, November 29, 6 p.m.
  • Cost: $20 plus $5 gratuity (please bring cash)

This event will be limited to a maximum of 20 ladies – RSVP here. We’d like to try this out without requiring pre-payment up front — so please don’t RSVP “yes” then not show up since Chef Jeff will be cooking for an exact number of guests. 🙂

See you there…