HOT PANTS? I’d say so… Shout out to @Bskinz

Tomorrow night, I’ll be flying high with some of my favorite San Diego blogger folks… we’ll be taking TRAPEZE classes at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Weeee!! I’ve heard amazing things about Circus Fund trapeze classes so I called Lisa and set up a special class. Our friend Spencer, aka @NBCPhotog decided to come & film it for potentially a news story (this may be a decision I will regret later… hmm, seems like that is par for the course when I hang out with these fun ladies.)

So that brings me to the pants… Bskinz decided we needed to fly in style so they send me a huge box of their favorite patterns. Hmmm, are zebra stripes slimming? We will find out tomorrow night!



Chris Brogan Talks about Cubicle Farming

Normally I think Chris is right on with many things… but not this time. Glad he’s found a path for himself that makes him tick but he certainly shouldn’t assume everyone will find happiness when breaking free from life on a cube farm.

My comment on his post:

No shame in being a cubicle farmer! If you’re lucky – and I mean extremely lucky – you can work for a company AND pursue your passions while doing great work for that company. If you are good, you can parlay that into your next cube farm adventure or even go off on your own. But for some, living out of hotels or desperately seeking Wifi in web cafes isn’t exactly “living the dream.” The important thing is you’re enthused about what you’re doing and always learning new things… your office space need not matter.

What do you think?

Adding to my biz card… Tweet-Running Pioneer ;) reporter Elliot Hicks’ Carlsbad Marathon wrap up coverage (Carlsbad Marathon – local runners run fast and tweet video) includes a shout-out of my live street-tweeting of the race. I will gladly take the compliment of “tweet-running pioneer” versus what my husband called me… DORK.

In this storytelling 2.0 experiment, I used a couple of devices on the run. My tried-and-true Motorola “dumbphone” was used to send text messages directly to Twitter. I also enabled a service called Utterli to send voice clips to my tweet stream. The problem with Utterli is there is a 10 minute lag between when you hang up and when it posts — not ideal for live blow-by-blow action.

I also used a Nokia E71 device for live video stream to Twitter using a service a friend told me about called Qik. The problem is I had limited memory on the phone so each clip lasted for only 20 or so seconds… plus I wasn’t willing stop running during the race so the video is shaky ala Blair Witch-style. The Nokia also enabled me to read Twitter while on the go… it was awesome to read incoming tweets while I huffed and puffed my way to the finish line.

I’m signed up for two upcoming local half marathons… La Jolla in April and Rock & Roll in June. This tweeting-while-running business is fun but a little distracting from the race. I was stoked to finish sub-2:00 but think I would have run a bit faster had I traded my smartphone device, which was crammed in a tiny pocket, for GU packs instead.

Qik video: coastline (17 sec)



‘Sexy Girls,’ Smart Women & Tech

Jolie O’Dell takes on a gender issues and sexism on ReadWriteWeb. In this great post, she takes issue with people objectifying women in tech (i.e. “sexy girls in tech”) and also cringes at the way she perceives brands treat women. She writes:

Just last year, Dell tried to foist off a horrendously sexist site aimed at women; the content suggested that their pastel-hued laptops could help us count calories, plan meals and listen to Sarah McLachlan clones to our heart’s content. The site was ripped to shreds (rather brilliantly) by The Register and promptly removed from the tubes. In other hardware news, Sony’s just issued a Barbie pink Vaio (with a floral pattern!) that’s well out of the price range of the Barbie-buying market, and others just can’t stop pitching us on “fashionable” laptop cases to match our handbags.

She wonders aloud who’s to blame for “putting women in a pink, perfumed corner” and invites readers to comment.

I did enjoy the post but didn’t agree that pink laptops were a result of ill-advised thinking on the behalf of computer manufacturers. My thoughts:

Great post. I’m a woman who’s been in technology for basically my entire career. I’m not called “sexy” or a “girl” – these labels have never been an issue for me, especially working in a professional environment. But with that said I have to say, the “girly” tech stuff you describe above does appeal to me. Pink laptop? You betcha. Pretty designs on my mouse? Sure! Why not? I also consider myself a tomboy when it comes to sports, yet I delight in the fact my soccer shoes have a little splash of light blue on the black leather. Does that make me less of a soccer player on the field? (no, I am terrible anyway – haha). But to the point – does liking a pretty pink netbook versus a black high-performance PC make me less professional in tech? I don’t really think so.

I’m absolutely certain these companies you mention do painstaking research with their target markets to determine the industrial design, color, features, price, etc of their products. Clearly, the market segmentation is not “women” vs “men” – those categories are a little too broad. Thank GOODNESS they are segementing a little more carefully than that and recognize “women” need different things. You as a woman, would likely be put into one group – techy, professional, maybe someone who cares about mobility, etc. They would not create a pink laptop for you. Other women like me might enjoy style over function and all of those design decisions – as well as go-to-market execution – would drive the product plan.

I’m interested to see how this conversation develops. Maybe I’m in the minority – I don’t know. But I’m not offended in the least if a company wants to build a product that truly is FOR me. – Posted by: Liz Philips | January 21, 2010 5:13 PM

Your guide to the Carlsbad Half Marathon – even if you don’t run


Check out SDNN newsie and avid runner Elliot Hicks’ inside guide to running a great Carlsbad Half Marathon… most useful part for me? Making sure I pay attention at Mile 5 when the half marathoners split off from the full marathoners… just my luck, I’d be zoned out and find myself running double the distance.

For those of you not running, Elliot mentions LIVE TWEETING during the race so those interested can just follow along using Twitter hashtag #cbadrun. I tweeted during America’s Finest City Half Marathon in August but I’m not sure how active I’ll be in this race. I’ll be thinking of my friend Sondra and two of my injured “sunrise sistahs” – and all the at-home spectators who have friends participating in the event. Running a race you’ve trained for and you are healthy enough to complete is an honor and it’s fun for me to share the experience as it unfolds on the streets.

See you on Sunday morning… on Twitter. Race begins at 7:30 a.m. With the crowds and what not, I’ll be finishing around 9:30-10ish. Sorry I don’t have a more advanced smartphone with me… perhaps by my next run, I’ll be a little more techology-enabled (pssst, note to husband: I *really* want an iPhone).

Up close & personal with the baby panda

Have you ever seen a baby panda up close? I was a little freaked out by her eyes. Not pretty. I think I remember pandas have terrible vision too. I had a chance to get friendly with one by being a large donor err, um personal friend to a brilliant zoologist/biologist who worked for the world-famous San Diego Zoo. Before we went in to see the bear, the zookeeper reminded us not to move too quickly because even a baby panda could inflict serious harm on mere humans. After that I was very wary of the near-sighted hulk and tried to keep my distance… hence, the very timid photo of me feeding biscuits to the little gal.

My friend Mona says her aspiration in life is to park herself in front of the panda cam every day, all day. Here, you can do it too: #PandaCamFTW

Disclaimer: Photos taken 2005. If you think I look fat I do indeed… was pregnant with my own little baby bear.