Where’s Flash?


In honor of my new HTC Incredible android phone, @guerciotti sent me this link. Viva ‘droid…


desk space at work: monster birthing station


This is a photo of the project (in progress) that’s been on my desk this week. I’ve spent at least 4 conference calls sitting on line cutting out several teeny little monsters for a post I just did re: a new print app called Cubeecraft we released on the #hpwebprinter. You’d think that with the post now up, I can stop making these little droids but it’s actually kind of addictive. (And true story – if you don’t think I’m attached to these figurines, I actually got a little miffed when my 4-year old "found" and started playing with them… #momfail.)

If you don’t have an HP printer with the print apps, you can still download, print & make these little robot-people at the Cubeecraft site.

Ok, now back to cutting.

San Diego Celebrates Moms on May 7

Many of my San Diego blogger friends are talking about Mamafest – sounds like a fun evening out to kick off Mother’s Day weekend. The event is Friday, May 7, from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. at the New Children’s Museum, in the heart of San Diego.

Tickets are $10 and benefit the Postpartum Health Alliance. Or, you can check one of my favorite blogs, The Bobby Pin, to see if you can win a free ticket.



Mysterious “gift”


I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth but this book arrived and the return address shows it’s from the Vancouver, WA HP office – the very office where my manager works. Hmmm… a JOB CHANGE book. Figured it was a book the whole team received in preparation for some workshop or something. So in the staff meeting I asked what we should be doing with regard to the book. Turns out I’m the only one who received it – and no one copped up to sending it. This is either a good practical joke or a little perplexing. 🙂