Decoration by Sharpie

My sister in law rocks. She decorated my brother’s bike helmet with a Sharpie. Her artistry is one of her many talents.



Munchie Fantasies Realized: New Pretzel M&Ms

I’m at Internet Week in New York today, and I’m in the blogger lounge sitting next to a food blogger named Hagan, or @H18. We have never spoken before. He looks up and says two words: “Pretzel.” “M&Ms.”

Hm, I think to myself. That sounds relatively good. So I ask, so where are the pretzels? And the M&Ms?

But I am mistaken. Hagan speaks again and says “Pretzel M&Ms“… as in, the two words are together as one. A Unicorn of late-night snack food. That sounds more than relatively good, that sounds absolutely BRILLIANT!

According to the blog below, these are available in Manhattan. Guess what I’m on a mission to do tonight?!? ;P




​M&M’s has just launched a novel flavor–the new candies have a round pretzel ball hidden under the candy shell and thin lining of chocolate. They’re more addictive than all other M&M’s put together: salty, crunchy, and sweet, with that super-sugary chocolate relegated to the background. (Plus they have fewer calories than regular M&M’s.)  


Spectators to RockNRoll Marathon get high tech running tracking option #RnRsd


If you’ve ever had the (mis)fortune of agreeing to watch a friend of loved one run a marathon at a spot along the route, it’s kind of a drag. You kind of have an idea as to when your friend should pass but you don’t really know, so you strain your eyes and half wonder if you missed him/her as you expectantly wait and wait for them to pass. No more.

Check out the techy greatness of this solution. For just $2 you can track your favorite runner and get txt updates to your phone. I think the next generation of this service should be direct updates to the runner’s Twitter and/or Facebook account – sure would save effort on the live tweeting ;P.

I’m running the half tomorrow with a bunch of my running “sistahs” – one of them is pregnant but wants to cheer us on the route so Shelly will be getting 8-10 of my updates via this nifty tool as I go.