Guy Kawasaki crowdsources his new book cover


I love it when folks turn to crowdsourcing for fresh, great ideas. And Guy Kawasaki is doing just that for his next book cover on Crowdspring. Check out the full brief here where it explains what he wants, as well as the deadline — August 13. The prize is $1000 and, of course, the claim to fame for designing such a well-known author’s book! Cool deal if you ask me…


  • Size: 5 1/4 x 8 1/4 inches, portrait
  • Format: JPG,

    Vector EPS

  • Communication goal with design: Empower people to change the hearts, minds, and actions of others; business/psychology book, not a romantic novel
  • Print design objective: Clean, elegant, enchanting, powerful. NOT frilly, romantic, cute.
  • Text to include:
    • Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions
    • Author of The Art of the Start and Reality Check (both titles in italics) – see images above for what those covers look like
    • Business/psychology (to help people understand what kind of book this is, small at the top or bottom)
    • Note: use title capitalization, serial comma, nothing in ALL CAPS

Stepping down as co-lead of San Diego IRL

Hi all – just wanted to share some news about San Diego’s sdIRL… a networking group I founded over a year ago with Stacey, the @sdbargainmama. I’ve decided to step down as co-lead, but you can’t be rid of me entirely! ūüôā Please read the¬†“official” word from both me and Stacey below… and I’ll look forward to seeing¬†many of you at the event¬†this Saturday night,¬†July 31. Thanks, all, for the friendships and so many wonderful memories.


A Thank You to Liz for Sharing the Vision – San Diego IRL Connections

Posted by Stacey on

Hi friends!

As co-founder of sdIRL with Liz, I want to thank her so much for sharing leadership in arranging such fun and enriching events over the past year! While Liz shares below her need to step away from the role of co-founder, I look forward to continuing sdIRL with some great support onboard. Liz and I have really enjoyed collaborating, but we both understand that there are times we all need to have less on “our plate” of responsibilities. I understand and honor her decision, but am glad she will still be involved in the fun. sdIRL has seemed to create a life of its own, so I hope you all continue to help it grow!

See you soon,

A Change in Leadership – San Diego IRL Connections

Posted by Liz on

Hi friends! It’s been an incredible journey this past year for me personally in the world of tech, new media, and local business. When Stacey and I sat down over a year ago to talk about our real desire and the need to help people connect offline, I never would have dreamed I’d meet so many interesting and wonderful people through our joint efforts. This monthly side project, always held the last week of the month, morphed from a ladies-only happy hour to kid-friendly tweet-ups, to elegant dinner events, and finally, to large, coed networking socials. It’s been such a pleasure to watch the sdIRL venture grow and with it, the introduction to many new faces and folks who share a passion for technology, new media, and our beloved San Diego-based local businesses.

I still very much believe in the importance of connecting with people – and I’m so excited in the many ideas Stacey and I have talked about to make sdIRL an even better experience for all who participate. And while it’s been an amazing experience to create this group with her as a partner, I wanted to let all of you know that I’m going to take a new role – as one of an enthusiastic participant rather than the co-lead to sdIRL. The group will still operate with Stacey and some key folks taking leadership roles, and I will be one of the group’s biggest cheerleaders.

Thanks to Stacey, a dear friend and amazing partner, who supports me as I step back from the “co-lead” role. Like I said, I still plan to attend the sdIRL events, and I will always be proud of helping kick off and found this group in its first year. I plan to continue to see all of you in the coming months – and many years ahead!

Thanks and see you soon,



Working Mom’s Guide to Potlucks

“Oh, thank you for the compliment on my homemade cornbread! Sure, I can send you the recipe…”¬†

  • Step one: simply forget you had a potluck event at your son’s school where you promised to make cornbread for everyone
  • Hastily run over to Trader Joe’s where THANK GOODNESS they have some already baked
  • Using a serrated knife, nicely cut the bread into pieces, taking care to make it crumbly and not bakeshop perfect
  • Throw it all into a nice basket with some towels. Discard all packaging.
  • Add a dash of confidence and an air of supermomdom, and you’re all set.¬†


Toy Story 4: Jessie’s Revenge?


They actually sell these evil-looking Jessie dolls at Disneyland. Clearly, anyone raised in my era of Twilight Zone re-runs (Talking Tina, anyone?) or Poltergeist would NOT want to buy this dolly for their little ones. Someone please help me understand how this face got past the product marketing folks at Disney.

The challenge of personalized mugs in this day and age

You’ve got to admit it… babies have *ahem* unusual names these days. (I am guilty of this – as my folks say, my kids have “first names that sound like last names”… whatever.) But now that my kids are getting of that age where they want personalized things (pencils, bike license plates, shot glasses), I realize the folly in my naming decisions. I guess I figured with the variety of names these days, businesses are BOUND to figure out a way to personalize items on the fly given whatever spelling of “Jessica” / “Jessyca” / “Jysicka” / etc is requested.

Now here is an example of a business not giving a care in the world that (a) they don’t have some way to personalize on the fly, and (b) they are giving up valuable shelf space (in Downtown Disney no less) dedicated to a bunch of mugs that can’t possibly sell – that is, unless somehow we were time-warped to 1948. What’s up with so many of the outdated names on these mugs? Sorry, Emma, Jacob, Olivia, Sophie, Benjamin… you can’t have a personalized mug until all the 65-year olds snatch up the old inventory. Yup, I’m talking to you Sandy, Ruth, Richard, and Rose… get cracking, we need to move this stuff!


For San Diego families: Overnight adventures at Chula Vista Nature Center

Most of us on the local “mom circuit” frequent well-known educational and fun attractions in San Diego with the kids… summer weekends usually rotate between such special spots as the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, Balboa Park, Legoland, Birch Aquarium, Wild Animal Park, etc. A few months ago, I had the opportunity to visit the¬†Chula Vista Nature Center and since then, I’ve added¬†one of the best kept secrets in San Diego to our family’s list of “to do”s.

Just right off the 5 freeway, a little south of the Coronado bridge, is the¬†Center. The one-lane, raised road into the compound gets you up close and personal with a natural habitat of the clapperrail bird and before long, you are delivered to the Nature Center itself. The entrance hints at things to come — two lumbering sea turtles greet visitors from their glass enclosure, and once inside the center, aquariums abound with interesting fish and ocean animals, as well as a “touch and feel” tidepool, shark tank, and all kinds of bird enclosures including ones that house a bald eagle and a golden eagle.¬†Definitely¬†worth a visit!

While visiting in the day is cool, the Center also hosts¬†Overnight Adventures¬†for people who want a hands-on, behind-the-scenes¬†experience¬†encapsulating everything the Center offers. In April my preschooler and I were the guests of Stacey, the San Diego Bargain Mama, while she checked out CVNC’s very first sleepover¬†event. From the moment we arrived on Friday night, we were taken on an educational¬†journey that kicked off with a short nature hike, meet-and-greet animal encounters with some of the center’s most popular creatures, craft projects, educational talks, and more. The evening ended with a snack and a movie while everyone settled down in sleeping bags in the large auditorium. When Saturday morning arrived, we ate breakfast and finished exploring the Nature Center. The big finale to a fun-filled adventure was a behind-the-scenes encounter hand-feeding the large sea turtles! (See my personal photos below by clicking on the Whrrl story).

Powered by Whrrl

I highly recommend the overnight adventures program to any family interested in a unique, educational experience. Our group had about 12 kids (ages 5 through about 10) and 12 parents, making for a¬†manageable¬†gathering. The hosts had heaps of¬†patience as they answered all of the children’s questions in an age-appropriate way. I attended just with my oldest son – it was nice to have one-on-one time with him, and even though we did this back in April, he actually STILL talks about it and the many things he learned.

There are three upcoming weekends (August 20-21, September 17-18, and a Halloween-themed October 29-30) where you can experience this yourself.¬†It’s $45/person (kids have to be 5 and older) and the event includes a snack and continental breakfast.¬†For more info, here is the¬†flyer¬†or you can call 619-409-5900.

If you do attend, I’d love to hear what you think! I really, really loved the experience and would love to make this an annual thing.

Disclosure: As mentioned above, my son and I were the invited guests of Stacey Ross, the San Diego Bargain Mama. I did not pay for this experience (value: $90) though I gladly would have and will do so in the future. The organizers did not ask me to blog about my experience. The opinions expressed in this post and on this blog are my own and my disclosure policy is here.