Washington Monument from top of Washington Hotel (W)


Fond memories of this city. First visited as a young girl at the age of 3 (I remember barfing on BearWare, my lifelong stuffed animal companion), then moved here as a young woman – it was my very first job out of college and the first time I was really “on my own” in the world. Now I’m visiting at the start of 2011, taking a moment to breathe and get ready for all the changes and challenges this year will bring.


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Flowers for dudes


Carnations are the comic sans of the flower universe. While virtually no females over the age of 14 would welcome a delivery of these stems, it seems some florist has actually found an appropriate calling for them in an arrangement presumably designed for guys. Perched atop a tumbler filled with amber-colored chunks of plastic made to resemble beer, these beauties convey class and sophistication where roses or orchids fall short.

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