Memolane… love this service


This service plots your social activity on a timeline. My Twitter updates aren't on there (too many?) but this already seems to be a useful personal tool.

Thanks to @Jenboydsd for the beta invite!

disappearing lunches

I like to put a date on my lunchbag. If I don’t want it eaten, I date it with a day two weeks prior – so anyone seeing the date will think it’s old and nasty. J Heh.

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Sent: Wednesday, January 26, 2011 3:31 PM
Subject: disappearing lunches


It seems that lunches have been disappearing from the refrigerators.  It’s saddening to not find your lunch in the frig when it’s lunch time.

Here are some suggestions to help prevent the disappearance:

–Bring your food in unique looking lunch boxes with your name labeled on the box

–Bring your food in dark plastic bags with your name labeled on the bag

–use the same refrigerator everyday when storing your food (it will help minimize trying to remember where you put it)

–if you didn’t put it in the frig, don’t remove it.

Remember:  the refrigerators are cleaned out every Friday night.  Take your containers home before they are thrown out.

How to join in the live HP comedy event TODAY #ePrintlive


I’m in NYC today to be a part of a large HP/YouTube livestream event called HP ePrint Live. HP’s latest printers with ePrint functionality are taking center stage during a two-hour livestream hosted on both HP’s You Tube channel and Facebook page from 12 – 2 p.m. PST. We’ve got Rob Riggle (The Daily Show, Saturday Night Live and The Hangover) and actors from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (UCB Theatre) here to perform improv comedy skits in real time based on ideas sent by the online viewing audience to printers sitting right on the stage.

Here’s how you can play along:

Twitter friends can follow @HP_IPG and the #eprintlive hashtag – we’ll be live tweeting from and also interacting with our friends in real time on both the HP for Home Facebook and main HP Facebook pages. 

See you online!