LegoLand 2011 Star Wars MiniLand Timelapse Build

Talk about knowing your audience…. LEGO freaks no doubt love other geeky things… like StarWars! I can’t wait to take my mini-Darth and mini-Clonetrooper to Legoland CA when this installation opens at the end of March.

(Finally I feel like have the “boy” equivalent to Disney’s princess hoopla. I plan to take both kids clad in their Halloween costumes, also wearing their Star Wars StrideRite shoes. Truly, this family is firmly entrenched in The Dark Side.)


In honor of National Pancake Day… #Starwars pancakes


I made these Star Wars pancakes for my kids awhile back… the pancake molds are from Williams-Sonoma (they have a whole line of Star Wars stuff).

My favorite pancake recipe doesn’t make the best batter for these molds (too runny) but my kids love the results – I like it too because they aren’t as carbolicious as traditional pancakes.

I make the pancakes every weekend… and double the recipe because the boys (age 3 and 5) actually eat the entire single batch and leave none for me!

Cottage Cheese Pancakes (from the book “Feed Me I’m Yours“) 
1 c. cottage cheese 
3 eggs 
2 T. melted butter 
2 T. flour 
Optional: dash of cinnamon, ground flax seeds, 1/2 t. vanilla extract

I throw all the ingredients into my Blendtec or food processor. When you cook the pancakes on a hot griddle, make them smaller then usual. They turn out more like crepes versus fluffy, heavy pancakes. Serve dusted with powdered sugar or with pure maple syrup.