Poor man’s road bike cc @jspitzberg @shellemurphe


Been wanting to “tri” but didn’t have a bike and didn’t have the extra $ to buy one. My brother (a cyclist who has probably 25+ bikes of his own) gave me some slicks for my mountain bike – and viola! – I have a bike worthy of riding on the streets.

Tomorrow I’ll be doing my first triathlon… it’s a friendly race set up by my friend @jspitzberg with proceeds going to a great organization called http://www.girlsontherun.org. The last time I rode a bike was almost a full year ago. The last time I went swimming was January. I don’t think I’ve ever gone into an event being less prepared. No matter, we’ll all have a great time.


Homemade Ice Cream in a Bag

Love this find from ccrafts.kaboose.com. Now the days are longer, the kiddos and I try to enjoy a picnic dinner at a local park at least once a week. This seems like a fun dessert for those messy summer nights!


What you’ll need:

  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1/2 cup milk or half & half
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla
  • 6 tablespoons rock salt
  • 1 pint-size plastic food storage bag (e.g., Ziploc) 
  • 1 gallon-size plastic food storage bag
  • Ice cubes

How to make it:

  1. Fill the large bag half full of ice, and add the rock salt. Seal the bag.
  2. Put milk, vanilla, and sugar into the small bag, and seal it.
  3. Place the small bag inside the large one, and seal it again carefully.
  4. Shake until the mixture is ice cream, which takes about 5 minutes.
  5. Wipe off the top of the small bag, then open it carefully. Enjoy!


A 1/2 cup milk will make about 1 scoop of ice cream, so double the recipe if you want more. But don’t increase the proportions more that that — a large amount might be too big for kids to pick-up because the ice itself is heavy.


Job Opportunity at San Diego Gas & Electric

Requisition Number: 11-8511
Job Title: Social Media & Web Project Manager
Area of Interest: Marketing/Communications
Job Description:

The position plans, manages and implements the company’s use of various social media channels and provides management and guidance of staff working on website development and daily maintenance.  The position provides leadership for use of social media by the company including planning use, guiding measurement and evaluation, and reviews and approves work of other within the company related to social media.  For website, the position manages staff responsible for the company’s websites and overall digital communications, including development and implementation of annual plans, guiding staff and outside suppliers.  Makes presentation on social media and website to Director, Vice President and Officers of the company.  The position has financial responsibility for the web cost center.

  • Manage company’s web staff and outside suppliers through the annual planning of website activity, implementation of the plan and management of daily activities.  Guides staff on maintenance of website functionality and on-going content development.
  • Plan and implement the use of social media according to an overriding strategy, outlining postings, coordinating with other areas of the company using social media.
  • Monitor, plan and report on social media through the use of various tools and coordinate the company’s response to postings
  • Work with outside suppliers to integrate social media into various communications activities
External Qualifications: A degree in marketing, communications, business or web communications.  Seven to 10 years experience in communications or marketing, with majority of time specifically on digital communications. Experience supervising internal staff and external suppliers.  Two to three years experience with social media, training in social media preferred.  Excellent writing skills.  Knowledge of Internet design and programming desired (Dreamweaver, HTML, Teamsite, Photoshop).  Strong project management and presentation skills.
City: San Diego
State / Province: California
Posting End Date: 05/14/2011

Find it on http://www.sdge.com/careers/jobs.shtml