What the heck is Barcamp & should I attend? Nice decision tree by @imagium @viss

Love this sign to both promote & educate people about upcoming Barcamp in San Diego… it's the brainchild of organizers @imagium & @viss. Nice work, guys! I also like that @joonspoon points out "all non-geeks are stuck in an infinite loop…" yup.

I hope I can attend the next one August 20… there is nothing like a Barcamp to get my geek on.

Beyond flattered to be included -> Just launched: Social Media #ProBook: A guide for #socialmedia #PR professionals

Social media practitioners, PR folks, agencies and the like got a comprehensive, meaty manual to add to their arsenal today — The Social Media ProBook. This is a free a 42-page e-book collaboratively written by a cross-section of social marketers and designed to be an advanced resource for professionals with some working knowledge of social marketing. Hence, the name “Social Media ProBook.” I was beyond flattered to be asked to join the project… so there is some perspective (drivel?) from me in there too.

The book can help answer questions like…

  • how to scale your social media program globally;
  • how to optimize your Facebook newsfeed to be seen by as many fans as possible; and,
  • the oft-asked question… how to measure success… as in something other than “Likes.” 

It’s free for the taking… you can download a free copy of the book, both print and web versions – or even just thumb through it on Slideshare below.

So you may be wondering why in the world I am involved… Several months ago, Eloqua’s VP of Content Marketing Joe Chernov shared information about the project he and the folks at JESS3 were cooking up as a follow on to last year’s wildly successful Social Media Playbook (that book, also free, was virtually a how-to guide about the 10 prevailing social media platforms at the time and how to use them – an excellent resource).

In this year’s version, they aimed to make it a more advanced guide for people already working in the fields of social media, PR, influencer relations, etc.  As part of their research, they collected wisdom from 20 experts in the field. Joe asked me to participate by answering some “day in the life” questions about working in social media and maitaining public/personal personas. 

I knew this would be a worthwhile project, but I had no idea how amazing the book would turn out and more importantly, what company I would be in with the other contributors. I’m floored to be a part of (and share avatar family resemblance) with today’s experts in the field – people I have personally admired like @armano, @jowyang, @steverubel, @frankeliason, @PRsarahevans, and many others. So, thanks to Joe and JESS3 for asking me to participate (and for the snazzy new avatar) and for compiling another must-read resource for social media professionals that is worthy of a “download & print.”

Oh… one last thing… the authors made it uber easy to find all of these experts on Twitter – here is a Twitter list of everyone below as well as other people and companies mentioned in the Social Media ProBook.