RockMelt’s download screen – I like you already


I’m downloading RockMelt for my PC – this has to be the best landing page for a download — the big text above this photo (of what is presumably the team who worked on RockMelt) reads: “We hope you love it” – and then a link to start the download.

How could I NOT like this product after seeing the faces of all these nice people who worked on this? Good move RockMelt, I like you already!


I love a good meme – Brand Haiku: HP and Posterous


Aaron Strout (aka the Stroutmeister) himself has originated a fun meme — Brand Haiku. Love seeing all the familiar folks on Twitter participating and decided to join the fun.

Here’s my HP one:

   Click-a-pic. Email.
   Straight to an HP printer
   It’s Wonkavision

Note: I’m speaking of HP’s ePrint, of course – if you can email it, you can print it.

And, now, and ode to my favorite light blogging platform… Posterous:

   Blogging on the go.
   Simple as email, it is…
   One-forty overflow.

Speaking of Posterous, the awesome folks there sent me this t-shirt when I whined about missing it at BlogWorldExpo. If you are a fan of the light blogging platform (or a fan of techy geek shirts) — leave a comment below if you want this shirt for free. It’s a men’s size large. I’ll pick a winner randomly – let’s say on the Wed before Thanksgiving. (p.s. there are cool Posterous-branded Post-It notes and bottle openers I’ll send you too).

Disclosure: I am employed by HP – they did not ask me to write a haiku but I wish that was part of my job description. Posterous sent me a medium t-shirt that I’m keeping and a large t-shirt that I’m planning to give away (total value $20? maybe). They sent it because they are cool and they said I could tweet about the shirt if I wanted to. The opinions expressed in this post and on this blog are my own and my disclosure policy is here

Homely dolls

As a mom of two boys, I don't scope the doll aisle very often. But we were shopping for a friend and I came upon these dolls. Now, I remember when there was that backlash about the Bratz dolls being over-sexualized, but really THESE dolls have to be the exact opposite of Bratz dolls. #creepy


Broken nose? No problem…


This is Sarah. She broke her nose 5 weeks ago (in a game) and had surgery just 4 weeks ago to repair it. Rather than sit out the rest of the season, she found this crazy contraption. The gal took like 10 headers today (it was like a magnet for the ball) – and no probs to her nose at all. As a bonus, I think she also intimidated the other team.

I think Sarah goes on to prove that injury nor age can hold you back when you have a sport you love to do. I play soccer with women who are moms and even grandmothers… these ladies are my heroes.

Survey: Twitter Auto DMs are Unwelcome, Diminish Influence | Forrester Blogs


My Twitter inbox is full of Auto DMs. Why do I keep them? To remind me to unfollow those people later when I have more time. I really dislike auto DMs and hats off to @augieray for surveying the Twittersphere about this practice. The results of his study are clear: By a margin of 40 to 1 among people who actually had an opinion about this, auto DMs are decidedly unwelcome.

If you auto DMing your followers or new followers – please reconsider your practice. Don’t believe me? Check out Augie Ray’s full write-up about Twitter Auto DMs on the Forrester blog.